Label Heinous: The Balmain Jeans

Apparently the company Konquest  Clothing put out a pair of $10,000 diamond-studded jeans. Now the clothing retail company Luisaviaroma has put out an $8,710 pair of jeans. Luisaviaroma, focused towards meeting the fashion needs of the luxury retail market is trying to sell the Balmain jean. The Balmain jeans are covered with Balmain ankhs on the right leg from the lower end of the pocket, extending down to the knee. No word on what type of precious stones were used to embroider the jeans and frankly we don’t care. The jeans are absolutely heinous and we wouldn’t be caught dead in them, or around anybody wearing the Balmain jeans. In all honestly, if you were our friend and you walked out in these pants then you wouldn’t be our friend anymore. We apologize if we hurt anyone’s feelings but honestly if you are responsible for these beadazzled jeans then quit now, this is not your life calling.We want to save you from fashion suicide, spend eight grand on bottles and a table for the night in some remote club. Or burn the eight grand because that would be money more wisely spent.