Video: LaFerrari Vs Standard Bugatti Veyron

When the Bugatti Veyron first emerged it was an unprecedented offering bursting with over 1,000 horses. Now it seems the reign of the Veyron is coming to a close right alongside its production, as the next breed of hybrid supercars are born. Watch the clip below showing the aggressive new LaFerrari superhybrid stomp a standard Bugatti Veyron with fewer horses in its stable:

LaFerrari Vs Standard Bugatti Veyron 

The LaFerrari hybrid is packing 950 Prancing Horses to the 1,001 of the Bugatti Veyron. Each car has its perks and glitches, areas like curb weight and suspension can make all of the difference in a drag race like this one. LaFerrari tips the scales at a scant 3,000 pounds while the dense Veyron is a full 1,000 pounds heavier. That seems surprising because most assume that with the added battery and component weight associated with a hybrid would automatically be heavier than a regular gasoline engine.

The Bugatti Veyron was the supreme icon of sheer power for over a decade. The production run has come to an end, with less than 8 units remaining. The world still waits to see what will replace the Veryon, but meanwhile a new generation of supercars has begun making their mark.

LaFerrari Vs standard Bugatti VeyronThe LaFerrari and base Bugatti Veyron lined up for a standard quarter-mile drag race. The overall quality of the video could certainly be improved and the official time listings are missing, but the gap is obvious. It is a shame that the participants skimped on the timing display when they clearly have the finances to play properly.


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