LaFerrari Yacht Concept is a Water Rocket

There have been ample examples of supercar superboats making waves lately, from the Lamborghini Aventador inspired variety to the AMG Vision GT. Enter an exotic yacht concept based on the illustrious new LaFerrari. Is the LaFerrari yacht for real or simply for wow?

LaFerrari yacht

The LaFerrari inspired yacht concept is packing some serious power via two 900 horsepower Volvo engines likely capable of evaporating water on contact. Think of it as a $4 million dollar knife slicing through the sea. The deck is reinforced with carbon fiber and military grade protective materials, while the engine room features fitted diamond plate flooring panels.

Other upscale perks of the LaFerrari yacht concept include:

  • Onboard infotainment system with 5 flat screens, several Blu-Ray players and a touchscreen that controls the system and lighting. You know, in case having a $4 million dollar Ferrari yacht is not baller enough, it offers the opportunity to play Don Juan. Legit.
  • There are carbon fiber tables and overhead LED lights, which give a special sports car vibe.
  • A hydraulic garage door houses jet skis and other toys.
  • The chrome accented master cabin boasts panoramic views along with a retractable 42” television for the rare instances when one tires of staring at the yacht or the sea.

superyachtsOrder a speedboat to match that exotic sports car.

The LaFerrari yacht concept comes in higher in the price arena than the $1.3 million dollar Aventador version. The Vision GT Concept is packing twin 1,650 horsepower Mercury Racing engines and is capable of slicing through water at 140 miles per hour for just $1.5 million. Overall, it will be up to the buyer which brand has the most to offer–yet all are aggressive specimens of land to sea creatures. LaFerrari yacht concept

The Lamborghini Aventador yacht actually looks like its road-going counterpart.

Lamborghini yacht

Even the seats and the console in the Aventador yacht are authentic. 

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