Lamborghini Making More Vehicles While Ferrari Withholds

While Ferrari is quite vocal about its stance on maintaining exclusivity via small production runs and buyer prequalification lists, Lamborghini is poised to double its sales. Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann is gearing up to boost sales of the new Huracan and Urus SUV models.


Lamborghini and Ferrari have been pitted against each other for so long that they have become famous rivals. With such differing marketing stances these days, it seems quite confusing trying to see their end game. Perhaps there simply is not one—but simply two separate brands forging their unique futures. The Lamborghini is boldly bringing back an SUV offering, something it has not attempted since the raging 1980s. The Lamborghini Urus SUV is dramatically altered from its LM002 predecessor, with a sleek modern shell and all the expected modern gadgets waiting inside. The Lamborghini Huracan emerged this year to bring a close to the reign of the Gallardo, which lasted far too long in some opinions. So, with a fresh lineup including the award-winning Lamborghini Aventador hypercar, the Raging Bull is zeroed in on selling its wares to those who can afford them rather than withholding them.

lamborghini SUVThe Prancing Horse takes a completely different stable on the matter. The Ferrari brand has flourished for decades and plans to maintain its distinctive vibe by withholding its offerings—even from those who can certainly afford them. There were many frustrated people who attempted to purchase the insane LaFerrari—only to be rejected even if they met the strict criteria list. That list included items like having to own several other Ferrari cars and the promise not to sell it within a certain time span.

LaFerrariIn the end, it seems like the two leading supercar brands are hardly concerned with competing against each other—they are confident in their respective followings and tackling other competitors.

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