Lamborghini and Audi Race in Austria-Illegally

Two wannabe racecar drivers are likely not happy these days in Austria.  It seems the drivers of a Lamborghini and an Audi (models not mentioned) opted to transform the regular highways into their own personal racetracks, hitting speeds of up to 170 miles per hour before police broke up their street race.  It seems they were only legends in their own minds, or completely out of them.

The Lambo was clocked at 274 kph, or 170 mph, and the Audi was tugging along at an impressive 233 kph, or144 mph.  Unfortunately for the two Steve Nash’s, the local law enforcement officers were not impressed, and stopped them near the A1 western motorway’s Steinhäusl exit, following an 80 kilometer (49 mile) chase. 

Yes, these guys simply tried to just evade the cops.  Well, I guess I can grasp the mentality of “Hey, my bitchin’ ass exotic car is way faster than this Crown Vic, I am splitting”.  I would love to see the expressions of the drivers had they encountered the Korean luxury police car fleet.  They have a Lamborghini Gallardo police carLamborghini Races Audi in Austria that could certainly have chiseled that chase down to less than a mile, as well as a Ferrari F360 and a Porsche 911.

After the police pulled them over to introduce themselves, the speedy fellas were banned from the roadways and forced to hand over their licenses.  As if it wouldn’t be sad enough to have a luxury supercar that you cannot legally drive, both idiots also face charges.  Don’t worry guys, the wealthy do not do serious time, just ask Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan.  You just lose some of your perks and dignity…but think of the limelight!

I will end with a fun fact:  The Lambo in question will now have the title as the second-fastest speeding offense in the history of Austria.  It didn’t quite beat a Ferrari’s record of 176 in the 1990s.  Ouch.  All that trouble, and no record.  I wonder if these two are aware that you can just book some track time if you want to take your luxury cars out for a run. 



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