Another Lamborghini Aventador Crashes–Tally?

Another of the planet’s most powerful raging bulls has met with disaster—a man crashed the Aventador in the Czech Republic. This news comes on the heels of the Ferrari F40 crash in Canada, making it a disparaging week for supercar fans. I am not exactly sure how many Lamborghini Aventador crashes there have been so far, but with 700 horses lurching to escape, there are bound to be more!

Lamborghini Aventador crashes

Lamborghini Aventador crash

Pro-tip: Unless you are a professional driver, take it easy in an exotic sports car. You will crash and look like a fool. Every time.

Details of this  Aventador crash are sparse, and the identity of the driver is unknown (Which is likely just fine with them!). This particular car has white wheels and was used in promotional materials for the local Czech dealership. Basically, the dealership will be in need of another hypercar for the next round of commercials and billboards!

Lamborghini Aventador crashes

The aftermath is a sorry sight

Rumors thus far point to a loss of control and a roadside ditch as the likely culprits of the crash, leaving severe rear damage to the car. The vast majority of the Aventador is made of carbon fiber to reduce weight, and is quite costly to repair, especially if the central structure has sustained heavy damage.

Lamborghini Aventador crashes

The horror!

There have been about a handful of Aventadors fall so far…how many more will there be during its first 2 years? Even pro drivers lose control of supercars from time to time, so it is wise to resist the urge to show off in a car wielding so many horses. This is obviously advice that will never be taken, so stay tuned for more crash aftermath stories and photos!


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