Lamborghini Aventador Gets a Dose of the Dragon

It is official–every aftermarket tuner has had their hands on the award-winning Aventador. Check out this version and bear with me, as the name is quite lengthy: Lamborghini Aventador Oakley Design LP760-4 Dragon Edition. This special Aventador conversion kit was created by Oakley Design and Refined Marques, and it may breathe fire. We will just call it the Lamborghini Aventador Dragon edition for the sake of simplicity. Recently, we analyzed the Vivid Racing Aventador kit and compared it to Mansory’s.

Lamborghini Aventador Dragon edition

There will only be 10 Lamborghini Aventador Dragon Editions produced, and you are looking at number 2. The 2nd Dragon Edition produced will be showcased at Luxury Signatures, a dealership in Qatar.

What makes this the Dragon edition? Let’s get down to specs:

  • While some tuners left the aggressive engine alone and focused on aesthetics, this time there is a 60-horse bump. This is thanks in part to an Oakley titanium exhaust muffler system paired with a Refined Marques tip.
  • Carbon fiber upgrades lighten the load, leading to a slight power increase as well. Upgrades include a carbon fiber roof, C pillars, bonnet tops, mirror covers, engine bay, kick plates and side sills.
  • The cabin is where the dragon lives. The interior features white stitching on the panels and seats and a white dragon logo on the door panels, kick plate and special red brake calipers. The kick plate also indicates what number of the 10 it is.
  • White matte exterior body wrap
  • Aggressive HRE P40SC wheels finished in gloss black (19×9.5 front and 20×13 rear)
Lamborghini Aventador Dragon edition
Under the hood
Oakley Designs Aventador

The specifications sheet differentiates between two different areas: functional Mira wind tunnel tested parts and carbon cosmetic parts. The Mira additions include: Wider front intakes, bigger front center chin spoiler, side sill intakes, diffuser with longer vanes, rear bumper vents, rear spoiler and large top air box intake.


Lamborghini Aventador parts

Tuned Lamborghini Aventador

Oakley Designs

 The wheels look fantastic

Lamborghini spoiler

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