Photo Gallery: LP900 Lamborghini Aventador Package is Full Throttle

Check out the LP900 Lamborghini Aventador package! The official name for it is a mouthful: The LP900 ‘Molto Veloce’ Lamborghini Aventador package. Let’s delve into the details that take the LP700-4 up to an LP900! You can see a carbon fiber Aventador by Mansory here.

Lamborghini Aventador package

Teaser shots of this Lamborghini Aventador package are exciting!

The Molto Veloce kit bumps the standard Aventador’s horses up from a measly 700 to 900. A couple of hundred more horses in the stable are stellar, and the body kit is killer. While kit cars are not always popular, this one proves its worth via performance and prowess.

Lamborghini Aventador package

The Aventador kit was created by Germany’s DMC. Note the dramatic carbon fiber front lip, accentuating that this is not a plain-Jane Lamborghini Aventador, but something even more special.

Lamborghini Aventador package

The LP900 Aventador aesthetic specs:
• Heavy use of lightweight carbon fiber
• New side skirt diffusers improve aerodynamics
• The prominent carbon fiber front lip actually fits over the standard lip
• Revamped rear fascia and fixed rear wing
• DMC can blend the parts in with the volcano orange. Yet, anyone who could possibly do that to stunning exposed carbon fiber does not deserve this car.

Lamborghini Aventador package

LP900 Aventador engine specs:
• The engine has been tweaked to maximize performance. The addition of 12 unique single intake throttle plates, one per cylinder, certainly did not hurt!
• New gas pumps and lines, pressure modulators and injection nozzles
• Revised electronics
• Titanium Exhaust system (this system weighs 3.4 kg compared to the original 34 kg system!)
• More horses. A horse is a horse, of course of course!

Aventador LP900 package

Pricing for this special Aventador car kit is fairly typical:
• The Molto Veloce body kit–$33,000
• The wheels–$13,000
• Interior trim–$13,000
• Titanium exhausts: $7,000
• Grand total: Expect to tack on an additional $67,000 to the standard Aventador’s lofty price tag of $375,000-ish.

Lamborghini Aventador package


Lamborghini Aventador package

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