Lamborghini Aventador Speeding Toward Green

Rumors are revving up that Lamborghini is changing gears yet again with its prized Aventador, possibly factoring in stop-start technology and cylinder deactivation. While the terms ‘green’ and ‘Lamborghini’ seem far from synonymous, the brand may be leading its flagship on to greener pastures.

Lamborghini Aventador

While stop-start and cylinder deactivation technology do not eliminate all pesky emissions, they are a small part of a larger plan

How it works:
Cylinder deactivation: At cruising speed, a series of cylinders simply shut down, saving power. Once the gas pedal is applied again, power returns and the cylinders fire back to life.
Stop-start: The same notion applies. When the Aventador comes to a full stop, the engine turns off.
When combined, both systems (stop-start and cylinder deactivation) could reflect a 7% improvement in overall fuel consumption in the Aventador.

Lamborghini Aventador

Less time here, perhaps?

The gearheads at Auto Motor & Sport (Sweden) are claiming to have official documents that outline a revised Lamborghini Aventador featuring these systems.

None of these features have previously been incorporated into a Lamborghini, leaving many curious. The explanation could be that Volkswagen, Lamborghini’s parent company, is passing on some of this deactivation technology, though it is reportedly Lamborghini’s own design.

Lamborghini Aventador

Stay tuned for information as we wait for Lamborghini to confirm these suspicions!

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