Another Mechanic Joy Ride Ends in Lamborghini Crash

Supercars are a natural temptation to the mechanics that service them. The occasional unauthorized joyride is quite commonplace, though it certainly makes headlines when it ends in disaster, like this Lamborghini crash that occurred recently in Austria! The young mechanic could not resist the urge to take the Gallardo for a spin upon completion, and now the car is a total write-off.

Lamborghini crash

The photos for this crash scene were quite clear compared to most. The Lamborghini landed directly on its top, making it amazing that both parties survived the crash.

The only upside to this Lamborghini crash is that the mechanic, 29-year-old Niklas Schwartz, and his passenger are ok. While Schwartz suffered no injury when the Lamborghini landed on its head, his passenger sustained some head injury and was treated at the scene after refusing transport to a hospital. The accident occurred when Schwartz lost control of the Gallardo around a curve, thus flipping the supercar until it landed upside down. Even the most highly-trained and experienced supercar drivers have trouble handling the sheer horsepower in these types of autos at times, so it is never a surprise when things like this happen. It is one thing to know how to work on a Lamborghini and perhaps even drive it regularly, but taking them up to speed or cornering requires serious skill and finesse.

Lamborghini crash

The aftermath was far worse than the condition of the luxury sports car when it was dropped off for service.

The Lamborghini Gallardo was in the shop to be serviced for minor repairs, and it ended up being a total loss following the crash. If you were an exotic auto mechanic, could you resist the allure of taking the supercars in your shop out for a spin? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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