Drive It Like You Stole It: Couple Crashes Lamborghini Just After Purchase

A California couple likely experienced a monumental high when they purchased a 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago in La Jolla. The pair also hit rock bottom, when they crashed the Lamborghini into a wall just hours after the purchase! The strange twist to this Lamborghini crash is that the couple fled the crash scene, leaving police to piece together to puzzle.

Lamborghini crash

Couple buys and crashes Lamborghini within hours–abandon the supercar at the scene!

It is quite bizarre to simply abandon a $220,000 supercar on the street following a crash. Is a police report not handy during an insurance claim? Baffled police were forced to impound the vehicle while they searched for the owners. Documents inside the car revealed that it was purchased mere hours before the crash. According to reports, there is no indication the vehicle had been stolen, and no persons reported it as such.

Lamborghini crash

The Lambo was discovered with mammoth dents in both the front and rear on the driver’s side. Witnesses revealed that the Lamborghini had been speeding along Interstate 5 prior to exiting off the La Jolla Village Drive exit and careening into a wall. Because the exotic sports car had just been purchased, it can be assumed that it was properly insured and in good working order. Perhaps the happy couple had a bit too much at happy hour to celebrate the new addition and feared a Lindsay Lohan lapse?

Lamborghini crash

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