How to Drive a Lamborghini Into a Pole or a Lake

Lamborghini crashes and crazy incidents are apparently on the rise recently, with the following two tidbits making headlines: A driver kissing a pole with a Lambo and another rocketing the car into a pond during a drag race…on a track.

The clip above shows a Lamborghini spinning out prior to making a splash in a nearby pond. Why is there a body of water near a track in the first place, lending such damaging potential. Bodies of water belong on golf courses. 

The driver of the Lamborghini Gallardo in the video above found himself in hot water during a WannaGOFAST drag race in Florida. The car was tuned by Heffner Performance of Florida and packing over 2,000 horses. The clincher: During the race, the turbos were actually tuned down. Heffner shared:  “We had the boost down to minimum, about 17 pounds, That car would have no issue making 2,400 to 2,500 horsepower at the wheels at 40 or 45 pounds of boost.” The driver encountered a patch of debris, which caused him to lose control and careen into a pond. Even the slightest movement of the steering wheel can lead to a complete loss of control in a supercar like this, so driving over something, no matter how small, is dramatic.

Lamborghini crashes WannaGOFAST is an automotive gathering/club that brings 125 race cars together for 1/2-mile drag races. This event was held at a private track in Ocala, Florida.

Lamborghini crashesAnother driver in Los Angeles pulled his Lamborghini Murcielago directly into a telephone pole. The $400,000 supercar looks worse for the wear. The driver told officers that he had swerved to avoid an animal at around 1am, and no arrest was made. So…is there a huge wild animal population in Los Angeles aside from the hipsters?

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