Lamborghini Eliminating Manual Transmissions?

Luxury carmaker Lamborghini is apparently into trying new positions, market positions that is, as it is altering some of its design tactics. 

The company has vocalized in interviews that there is a shift in focus from top speed to design, because many drivers will never take their Lambo past 200 miles per hour anyways.  What?  Who wouldn’t burn to take their shiny new Lamborghini up to top speed, if not just to see if you got your money’s worth?  That is like buying a Smartphone and only using to make calls. 

Lamborghini Transmission Changes

Well, Lamborghini does their homework, and that includes follow up with past and current Lambo owners.  The future focus will switch gears from focusing on design, top speed, acceleration and handling, in that order, to design, handling, acceleration and top speed.  

Handling is very personal to an owner, and the smart shift to focusing on the feel behind the wheel shows Lamborghini cares about what its clients/drivers want.  In that interest, the company noted that less than 5 percent of Lambo drivers opt for a conventional manual transmission, which has led to the decision to eliminate them.

Lamborghini’s six-speed box is a full 50 pounds lighter than the dual clutch, which is always a good thing.  The company is opposed to unequal gear steps, so no 7 speeds.  This could also benefit Lamborghini’s ongoing efforts to reduce fuel consumption and harmful carbon emissions for a more sustainable environmental future.

Direct fuel injection has been introduced in the Lamborghini Gallardo, with friction reduction technology on the burner.  Engine stop/start, flex-fuel, cylinder deactivation, hybrid tweaking and other components remain in the works for the exotic and luxury rental car mogul.  I wonder if the option to special order a manual Lamborghini will remain?  I assume this will always be an option for track-only models. 


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