Lamborghini Gallardo Replacement To Be Called Cabrera?

Lamborghini Cabrera Rendering

Lamborghini Cabrera rendering

There has been much speculation about what will replace the insanely popular Lamborghini Gallardo.  Recent murmurings have surfaced stating that the baby Lambo’s replacement will be named the ‘Cabrera’.  Really?  Is that not just a bit too close to the Porsche Carrera?  Our Lamborghini Gallardo rentals Miami are among the most popular exotic rental cars we have, and since we do not have Porsche Carreras, there would be no confusion with a Lambo Cabrera.  


Lamborghini Estoque

Lamborghini Estoque nightmare.  The hot chick looks better than a Lambo sedan.

I wonder if Porsche would have an issue with a Lamborghini Cabrera, which sounds strikingly similar to their own Carrera.  Recently, Ferrari encountered some legal heat from Ford, after trying to name their latest F1 racing car the F150.  The Ferrari F150 name was deemed a threat by Ford, who is currently suing for trademark infringement.

Ferrari F150

The Ferrari F150 looks nothing like the Ford F150

It certainly seems that the good people at Lamborghini are excited about the near future, and with the recent release of the Lamborghini Aventador, they are sharing more of their future plans.  Media speculations indicate that the Cabrera Lamborghini will use a next-generation V10 engine producing around 570 horses.  This engine may be shared with the Lamborghini Estoque sedan, which is scheduled for a 2014 debut.

The Estoque sedan will possibly lead to a Lamborghini Estoque spyder, followed by a new Superleggera three years later, according to auto rumors.  Many believe that the brand will also be making the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento a reality, rather than an exotic car concept.  The luxury auto world is bracing for what is to come from Lamborghini! I am sure exotic rental car companies are excited to add this new model to their fleet of Lamborghini rental cars

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento








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