Video Action: Lamborghini Gallardo Variant Pre-Tease

Lamborghini enjoys taunting the bulls–and by bulls I mean fans. The brand has released this video to toy with emotions and rev up anticipation for the next Lamborghini Gallardo variant–which made a spectacular debut at the Paris Auto Show last month. Will the next model make it to our fleet of exotic car rentals?

The clip above was released prior to the Paris Auto Show. It is such a tease and gives absolutely nothing away.

The supercar is called the LP 570-4 Endizione Tecnica, and the video certainly made many mouths water beforehand. The video shows the separate components of the new version coming together, yet gives  nothing away. It is a maddening tease and quite effective!

The keyword “nova” is used in the video, which hints at a major performance increase for the newest member of the long-running Gallardo family. The brand often makes the claim that a Gallardo is the ‘last’ one, only to emerge with a ‘special edition’ Gallardo some months later.

Ferrari 360

Fun fact: When the Lamborghini Gallardo was launched in 2003, its main rival was the Ferrari 360 (pictured above).

Rumors do say that this could be the very last Gallardo produced. If you ask me, the Gallardo is not going anywhere in the foreseeable future.

Lamborghini Gallardo Variant

The Gallardo at the Paris Auto Show (2012).

The details:
• V10 with AWD
• New carbon fiber components
• Slight shape alterations, nothing drastic as usual
• Uprated brakes
• Overall weight reduction, of course

With Lamborghini celebrating its 50th anniversary next year, I somehow expect another special Gallardo to mark that milestone. It is doubtful that the Gallardo will ever rival the award-winning Lamborghini Aventador or the Superleggera, but a special edition translates to exclusive, and buyers love that word!

Lamborghini Gallardo Variant

The lines and wheels are smooth on this model. It appears updated and modernized, while maintaining its signature moves. Well done.


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