Lamborghini Huracan Spyder: Success as a Successor

The Lamborghini Huracan has been a phenomenal success. As the successor to the long-running Lamborghini Gallardo, the Huracan certainly had large tires to fill. Now that she has proven herself in terms of popularity, the nice lady is about to take off her top and become even sexier. Delicious renderings are leaking out of the digitally transformed Huracan in convertible format.

Lamborghini Huracan SpyderDoes the Lamborghini Huracan look better with her top off? It is not likely that the Raging Bull would encounter any issues unloading all units if produced! The rendering above shows the potential Huracan Superleggera and Lamborghini Huracan spyder models.

It has not been a secret that Lamborghini has many plans for the new front-runner, CEO Stephan Winkelmann said just last year that there will be lots of derivatives for the new model. This approach makes perfect sense because it worked so well for the Lamborghini Gallardo for decades. Once a model is widely accepted and praised, new variants are the logical next step. Not only will there be a Lamborghini Huracan spyder, but a Superleggera and other tuned versions will come out.
Variety in a supercar is vital, and Lamborghini has much experience with keeping up with the complexity to drive imagination. The topless Huracan will look just like the coupe version, likely tweaked a bit to maintain close to the same output. The coupe hits the 0-60 mile per hour mark in 3.2 seconds with a top out of around 202. Performance specs for the convertible Lamborghini Huracan will depend on the type of roof implemented. The engine is a naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10 mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. If you have never heard the seductive tones and throaty purr of a well-made V10, it is a reward.

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