The Lamborghini Logo

Long ago, in 1916, Ferruccio Lamborghini was born in Italy.  His zodiac sign was Taurus the bull, hence the logo for the empire this young man would create.  From an early age he was fixated with engines, and during WWII found himself on the island of Rhodes in the army.  As there was not much going on in the way of war, young Ferruccio became a master of his craft-fixing engines.

You see, the island was quite isolated; therefore when cars, trucks or bikes broke down, it was Lamborghini Logoessential to repair them with reused parts.  With a shortage of parts, Ferruccio became a wizard of improvisation, and soon had quite the following. 

Ferruccio was in high demand on the little island of Rhodes, and when he returned to his home near Modena following his service in the army.  Logically, he set up a small car and motorcycle repair shop.

It did not take long for Ferruccio Lamborghini to realize there was a need for tractors where he lived, as it was an agricultural area.  Locals were desperate for proper machinery.  Soon the innovative Ferruccio was building around one tractor per month, using just abandoned military vehicles. 

The health of the economy began to make a comeback from the war, and soon his tractors were in high demand, selling around 400 per month in 1960!  This only served to inspire Ferruccio, who expanded his business into heaters and air conditioners, which was also successful.

Soon he became interested in high performance cars, specifically in developing one.  He owned Maseratis, Ferraris and Oscas, but was never happy with their engines.  As the tale goes, Ferruccio once became so frustrated with a clutch in a Ferrari 250 GT that he actually went to see Enzo Ferrari about it, as his factory was nearby.  Enzo did not take the time out to visit with Lamborghini, which prompted Lamborghini to decide there was nothing Ferrari could do that he could not do better.  I wonder if they tell this story to the new guys at Ferrari now, as a sort of "word to the wise" tale?

So you see the fighting bull makes perfect sense as the logo of Lamborghini, who had always fought his way through hard times and challenges with vigor and passion.  This passion led to the creation of an enviable empire, that continues on today.


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