The Lamborghini that Never Existed

A 50-year-old never before seen Lamborghini concept car is making headlines!  It has apparently been hiding in plain sight for many years, discreetly on display in a library at the Giugiaro Design headquarters in Italy. 

Giugiaro Lamborghini Concept

Giugiaro Lamborghini concept

Perched beneath Greek temple-like stairs inside the Giugiaro Design headquarters, the luxury concept car art sat on its period Borranis, painted in a yellow hue reminiscent of Ducati luxury motorbikes.

Giugiaro Lamborghini Concept

The Giugiaro Lamborghini concept is a stunner from all angles

The rare Lamborghini design has an interesting history, and it is a tragedy that it never made it to production!  The story behind this Lamborghini concept car is that Fabrizio (such a fun exotic name to say aloud) Giugiaro, son of the founding father of Giugiaro Design, discovered the renderings.  For his father’s 70th birthday, Fabrizio digitized the sketches, milled and painted it, then added wheels and headlamps.  He finished off the effect with brightwork around the windows and a period numberplate. 

But what is this rare exotic car concept, apart from a very thoughtful birthday gift?

Giugiaro Lamborghini Concept

Giugiaro Lamborghini concept rear view

The drawings were marked “Lamborghini” and are thought to be from the Bertrone Era (1960-1965). The first Lamborghini ever created was presented at the 1963 Torino Motor Show.  This sculpture may give an idea of the original Lamborghini as Bertone had intended.  This is heavy information!  Does anyone know the true history here?  Comment below!


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