The Lamborghini Prototype Center is Cool

Leave it to Lamborghini to create an awesome center designed specifically for churning out exotic prototypes! Located in Emiliana, Lamborghini’s center for prototyping and assembly is environmentally friendly and takes technology to the next level.

Lamborghini Prototype Development Center

Pictured above are some important and instrumental people involved in the opening new Prototype Development Center: The Minister of the Environment, Land and Sea, President and CEO Paola Gazzolo, and the Mayor of Sant’Agata Bolognese.

The prototype center includes 2 levels.The first floor is where the creative geniuses diligently draft and dream up new hyper machines, and they are then built on the second floor via a miniature assembly line. The entire structure boasts a Class A environmental rating, the first one in Italy. A Class A building is one that utilizes less than 8 kilowatts per hour per cubic meter, which seems fitting for a plant that will be pushing out greener Lamborghini vehicles!

Lamborghini Prototype Development Center

Should employees all roll up to work in a Lamborghini to keep the lot looking hot? You know, just to maintain the integrity of the structure…

Green features of the plant:
• Polycarbonate walls
• Ceramic cladding
• Photovoltaic system for electricity needs
• Solar energy system
• Zero CO2 impact

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

Currently, the upper story is occupied with the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, a small-run model with seriously sharp curves!

Sesto Elemento

Fancy something fast?

Lamborghini prototype center

What will be next from Lamborghini?



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