Italian Government May Shell Out $111 Million for Lamborghini SUV Production

While the Raging Bull has yet to confirm a production date for the Lamborghini SUV, that could soon change if rumors that the Italian government is prepared to pad the operations. Will the Lamborghini Urus SUV be built thanks to $111 million dollars from the government?

Lamborghini SUVThe prospect of a Lamborghini SUV seems to have evolved a bit past speculation and concepting, and it seems that the country is geared up to help the cause. Representatives from Lamborghini and the Italian government had a meeting recently in Rome to cover incentives and tax items, reportedly. Sources revealed that the government then sweetened the deal with the outlandish offer of hundreds of millions of dollars to see that the company moves forward to producing the luxury SUV. The economy in Italy is still very much in recovery, and producing the Lamborghini Urus would create hundreds of jobs to help boost unemployment.

Lamborghini SUVThe Lamborghini Urus would ride on Volkswagen’s MLB platform, much like the Audi Q7, Bentley Bentayga and Porsche Cayenne. The underpinnings and power are relatively easy to guestimate, and the shell will communicate the classic Lamborghini styling cues with plenty of interesting additions. Buyers of exotic sports cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari and others often purchase additional vehicles for daily driving, a category that a Lamborghini SUV would serve perfectly. It is doubtful that a soccer mom would ever turn her nose up to shuttling the tykes around in such sporty opulence!

Lamborghini SUVAccording to Audi: “We haven’t decided on the series production of the Lamborghini Urus yet. Once this has been clarified, the question about the production location will be posed.”

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