Remote Control Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept

For those impressed by navigation systems and things like backup cameras, the remote control Land Rover Discovery Vision concept could blow the mind. This crazy concept can be driven by a smartphone and yes– it is a real Land Rover vehicle.

What has lasers for eyes and can be driven using a smartphone as a remote controller? That would be the Land Rover Discovery Vision concept. 

The Land Rover Discovery Vision rolled out at the New York Auto Show on the USS Intrepid’s deck. To make the unveil as exciting as possible, a laser light show accompanied the Land Rover. The lasers in the headlamps sliced through fog machines, demonstrating how the vehicle can read road conditions and transmit them back to the driver. The lasers are able to locate obstacles in the road, read weather conditions and project the data onto the window.

Land Rover Discovery VisionWhile all of the futuristic technology housed in the Discovery Vision concept is great, perhaps the most exciting is the self-driving mode. Autonomous vehicles are not a new thing–Google has been doing it for years now. But they are certainly not mainstream and rarely spoken of. With the Land Rover concept, the driver can effectively exit the vehicle and drive it using their smartphone. Because it is a Land Rover SUV, one could step out and plow it over a mountain or just into a parking spot that will not allow the doors to open for exit.

Land Rover Discovery VisionNote the awesome suicide doors on the Discovery Vision concept.

The exterior is signature Land Rover and the cabin is laden with leathers and tweed. This Discovery concept can comfortably accommodate 7, with 4 seats having their very own 10-inch touch screens. No fighting, kiddos. Because the vehicle is so robust, it has wifi so that passengers can just Facetime rather than scream back and forth and strain neck muscles. It may be the best robot concept out there, and I can’t wait to see more about it over the coming months.

Land Rover Discovery VisionPost by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals