The Deal With the Land Rover Electric Defenders

Land Rover revealed its Electric Defenders at the Geneva Auto Show, and they have certainly sparked fascination among alternate energy fans worldwide. Sadly, the six Land Rover Electric Defenders are not for sale. They are strictly for research purposes in the electric all-terrain luxury vehicle arena. This does not mean the flashy new line will not roll out in a larger scale production line in the future, though that is simply speculation at this point.

Land Rover Electric Defenders

The creative minds at Land Rover were hired to make a rather eccentric electric SUV for the Londolozi Game Reserve in South Africa. Their response was the Electric Defender train set. This particular one has the following features to enhance safari experiences for the clients of the game reserve:

  • High mounted seating protruding from an open-top layout for exceptional wildlife viewing.
  • Extreme power for scaling the rugged terrain. This power is electric for stealth purposes. You cannot see wildlife if it is frightened away first!
  • The ability to travel just as fast in reverse…in case a predator becomes a bit too interested.
  • Train cars are easily pulled in silence by the Defender.
Land Rover Electric Defenders

Land Rover is making great strides in electric technology and features to enhance its use. The six Land Rover Electric Defenders are examples of this opinion. They are busying themselves with experimenting with hybrid options across the JLR range.

An Electric Defender in action

The Electric Defenders at a glance:

  • Single central motor powers all four wheels
  • 4WD
  • Electric motor
  • 94bhp
  • Ability to operate for up to 50 miles before charging, making it ideal for specialty jobs. This figure allows for 12 miles remaining in reserve.
  • It can pull great weight at low speeds
  • The addition of a lithium-ion battery increases duration between charges.
  • Hill-descent feature is linked to regenerative braking system to sustain power longer. An estimated 80% of the battery power can be regenerated using this method.

Land Rover Electric Defenders

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