Land Rover Pothole Alert Feature Reshaping Roads

There are few driving experiences as frustrating as nailing an unseen pothole and ruining a perfectly good rim. Not only are potholes damaging to rims and wheels, they can cause problems with alignment and deeper unseen issues as well. This is why Land Rover pothole alert technology is long overdue and a great preventative measure.
Land Rover seems quite busy in the technology arena these days, focusing on much more than just crafting the world’s most luxurious off-road vehicles. The brand’s pothole alert technology goes further than simply alerting the driver of impending danger—it also alerts the crews tasked with repairing the potholes so that the problem is corrected. The big picture of the alert includes it as but a slice in the road toward autonomous vehicles, a direction that seems unavoidable with brands already testing their wares and making great strides in development.

The pothole detecting technology is currently being tested using the swanky and adorable Range Rover Evoque model. The Evoque is equipped with the ability to pinpoint the location and severity of discrepancies in the roads. It then has the capacity to broadcast that information to other vehicles and crews needed to fix them. Will potholes and broken manhole covers be fixed in a more timely fashion, or will their locations just be noted and maneuvered around due to budget issues as per usual? While the operations of each particular city are not exactly a controllable feature, at least soon drivers will have the technology to avoid more potholes on the roadways and prevent damages to their expensive investments.

Land Rover pothole alertPost by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals