Largest Cruise Liner Invades South Florida

With the arrival this month of yet another mega yacht charter that could be more accurately described as a floating city in Fort Lauderdale, the winter cruise season is officially under way in South Florida, and there appears to be more choice than ever, and more ships than ever.  This monster could swallow a private yacht charter whole!  Yet nothing compares to your own personal staff.

Allure of the Seas Cruise Liner

The gigantic new offering from Royal Caribbean is called the “Allure of the Seas” and is the twin sister of the world’s largest passenger liner, the “Oasis of the Seas”, which blew everyone away on its debut last year with its size and scope and luxury.  I think the next designer who tries to trump this bad boy should add a full sized racetrack, so passengers can race luxury rental cars on the open Ocean!  Hey, a girl can dream.


Like the “Oasis,” the “Allure” can carry 5,400 passengers and will do weekly cruises through the Caribbean.
Other new ships, from Celebrity and Seabourn, also arrive in Florida this month, bringing the number of cruise liners in the area to more than 35.

Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas

That represents a 15 per cent jump in the luxury yacht industry.  Recession?  What recession?  The popularity of this kind of cruising vacation is growing because these giant ships themselves become “the destination.”

They appear to be replacing the traditional whistle-stop visits through various Caribbean islands for some trinket and souvenir shopping and a house band playing 70’s standards in the restaurant at night. Many people who’ve gone on these behemoth boats say they love it because of the variety of choices for dining, entertainment and activities, and they say they never feel crowded because of the sheer size of the vessel.

Allure of the Sea Cruise Liner Accomodations

Like the Oasis, the Allure of the Seas features an outdoor park modeling after New York’s Central Park, as well as art displays, a deck-top theater that features aquatic shows, and broadway-style shows like “Chicago: the Musical.”
Also new is a series of presentations involving animation characters from movies like “Shrek” and “Madagascar.” Of course there are dozens of shops and boutiques, and the now-standard on-board amenities including exotic spas, bowling alleys, water parks, ziplines and rock climbing walls.

Allure of the Seas Cruise Ship Deck

As far as dining is concerned, it would appear everyone is taken care of as the “Allure” has 26 restaurants, including a Brazilian Steak House, a family-style Mexican eatery, and hell, there’s even a first-ever-Starbucks onboard!

So business is booming, and the cruise ships are getting bigger and bigger, but perhaps sharing your cruise experience with 5-thousand people on your vacation is not your thing. If you prefer something a little more exclusive and intimate, see us about a personalized private yacht charter  or even a luxury party yacht charter from Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals.

We may not have New York’s Central Park on board, but we can guarantee you a lavish culinary and beverage service that will definitely not have you standing in line for a Starbuck’s latte.

Largest Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship





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