Leno Loves Cougars…And Chevy Volt?

In auto WTF news, our friend Jay Leno has left us with our jaws on the floor again, this time not by purchasing another lust-worthy exotic car to add to his collection, but by purchasing the new Chevrolet Volt.  Yes, you read that right, I said CHEVY.  No worries, Leno loves Cougars, too.

So Jay, did you run out of luxury car options, or are you perhaps attempting to show us your green side?  Your collection of exotic cars has certainly left many green with envy over the years.  So why the Chevy Volt, Leno?
For those of us who are quick to judge, and I am referring to myself, the Chevy Volt is apparently impressive in its own right.

The Volt is bursting with the latest modern amenities and tech gadgets, which Leno has a fondness for.
The new EV vehicles require frequent charges, while the hybrid Volt enables you to get to your destination, according to Leno.  He seems to be pleased with his purchase, albeit it is certainly no badass Ferrari F430 Spider Miami or Lamborghini LP640…I wonder if he felt a twinge of jealousy over Jay-Z’s birthday gift-a spankin’ new Bugatti from lovely wife Beyonce.
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