Lexus Encourages Haute Car-ture—Released at Miami Art Basel

Innovative luxury carmaker Lexus came up with a creative campaign for this year’s Miami Beach Art Basel: Challenge designers to create clothing from a disassembled Lexus CT 200h hybrid! The results are also slated to appear as an ad campaign in Vogue magazine. Video below

Lexus Fashion Designers

The goal was to get the lucky four fashion designers to “rethink their notions of automotive design”. Exhaust gaskets, crank bearings and other mechanical musts became accessories in this exotic free-for-all and the results were impressive!

Lexus Fashion

Lexus touts the CT200h (follow link for full vehicle details) as being 90% recyclable based on ISO 22628 standards…and you can dress to match it. Paris Hilton may love this–she often dresses to match her luxury cars. The collection revved things up for revelers from December 1st-3rd in Miami. Others will just have to wait for the Lexus fashion spread in Vogue to grind their fashion gears!

 Lexus Fashion Challenge

Premium Lead foot

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