Lexus Leads U.S. Luxury Car Segment

It has been an exciting past year for Lexus, starting with the launch of the Lexus LFA, their first-ever attempt at a supercar (and what an amazing standard to set, may we add) and now, the luxury carmaker is leading the U.S. luxury car segment this quarter.  It must have been a pricey endeavor to develop the amazing LFA, so we assume the extra market success is assuredly welcome by Lexus.Lexus Leads U.S. Luxury Car Sales

In fact, Lexus is just above Mercedes-Benz, with first quarter sales of 48,523 units, just above their 49,229 units.  In the month of March, Lexus successfully sold an impressive 20,023 luxury cars and SUVs, reporting a 42% gain.  Mercedes is still doing quite well, reporting a 28% gain from the previous year.

Lexus is certainly a tough (and beautiful) act to follow in the luxury car industry, with a solid background of experience and reputation for perfection.  As we mentioned in the beginning, their first attempt at a supercar, the LFA, ended in perfection.  Having been invited to the official North American Introduction for the LFA and having the opportunity to drive it on the Homestead track, we can assure you it is among the greats.  For more information on the Lexus LFA, follow link to our luxury blog.

Lexus has been enjoying a nice industry lead in the U.S. for most of the past decade, although in the first two months of this year, Mercedes did move ahead of both BMW and Lexus.  This bump in sales is attributed to the success of the newly made-over E-class sedan sales, which had more than doubled.  The C-class has been the luxury company’s highest volume model, and its sales also increased by 20%, adding to the brief sales burst in early 2010.
So congratulations, Lexus, we at Imagine Lifestyles are looking forward to more great things from you in the near future with your continued success. 

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