Lexus LF-LC Gets Green Light for Unplanned Production

It appears that the Lexus LF-LC concept was an unplanned pregnancy. Intended to generate interest and feel out the future market, the Lexus LF-LC received so much love that the company has given it the green light for the production line rather than aborting any plans. Now the first-ever Lexus supercar, the LFA, will have a similar sibling!

Lexus LF-LC The concept version of the Lexus LF-LC emerged at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show. The production version of this red hot lady will offer two powertrain options: a naturally aspirated V8 engine or a V6 hybrid.

The Lexus LF-LC at a glance:

  • The naturally aspirated V8 is a gas engine. It is a more aggressively tuned version of the 5.0-liter V8 in the 2015 RC F. The LF-LC is kicking out 475 ponies over the RC F’s 450. That may not be exactly a stampede, but meh. Power is power.
  • The hybrid option is exciting. She is a 3.5-liter V6 mated to what is called the Lexus Hybrid Synergy Drive System. The brand is touting the technology as a “multi-hybrid system”, meaning they intend to stand out in the crowds of hybrids. This one is said to unleash 500 horses without trampling the environment too much.
  • It was reported that the LF-LC might revive the SC badge, not used in about 5 years.

Lexus LF-LC Overall, expect plenty of new technology and lightweight materials in the LF-LC Lexus. There have even been murmurings that the chassis could be the same one being developed for the FT-1 based Supra. The typical timeline between the reveal of a concept and production is 3-6 years, and Lexus is shooting for a 2017 launch date for this model. Those already checking their accounts can expect to shell out well over $100k for this luxury hybrid.

Lexus LF-LC Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals