Lexus Reveals LF-LC Hybrid Sports Coupe

From afar, one could mistake the lively red exotic sports coupe for a fancy Ferrari, but upon closer inspection, the delicious form of the new Lexus LF-LC hybrid manifests. Perhaps even more attractive than the Lexus LFA supercar, the LF-LC is nothing short of splendid!

Lexus LF-LC
Hello, gorgeous!

A Car and Driver editor stated that the “Overly fussy fascia looks like someone chucked a grenade into the front bumper”. I must disagree with that sentiment. The haute LF-LC luxury concept car will be strutting its struts at the Detroit Motor Show, where the full details shall emerge. So far, we are left fairly well in the dark as to what lurks beneath that shapely hood, other than the announcement that includes hybrid technology.

Lexus LF-LC

Would you guess this as a Lexus creation?

Lexus LF-LC

Lexus LF-LC

According to Lexus,
"It’s been crafted from a clean sheet of paper, combining high technology and organic shapes to achieve a close connection between driver and car."

I feel a connection, Lexus! It will be exciting to find out all the dirty details about this very attractive next-gen Lexus hybrid supercar.

Lexus LF-LC

The LF-LC has curves

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