Lincoln Introduces a Younger, Edgy Car

Lincoln luxury brand appears to be changing gears in an obvious attempt to attract the younger, hipster drivers! Meet the Lincoln MKZ, an edgy sedan that has been busy making waves at the New York International Auto Show. But…could this be the breath of fresh air the struggling brand needs in order to burst back onto the scene in such a competitive market?

Lincoln MKZ

Lincoln MKZ

Aside from the sharp aesthetics, a major selling point of the MKZ is the extreme oversized and retractable glass roof—creating the feel of a convertible luxury SUV! I say this because the plump posture of the sedan looks more like a smaller SUV in my opinion. It is one of the widest glass roofs in the world, according to Ford (which owns Lincoln luxury brand).

The attempts to lure the younger, greener buyers of today did not end at simple looks and amenities—the Lincoln MKZ packs a hybrid powertrain to appeal to the granola types, and may be the most fuel-efficient sedan in the luxury segment. Look out, Lexus-Toyota!

Lincoln MKZ

MKZ at the show

Lincoln MKZ

The future of Lincoln?

In recent years, Lincoln has lost its luster, falling behind to competitors like Cadillac with its Escalade, Lexus and Audi. Will Lincoln make a comeback? Comment below with your projections!


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