Lindsay Lohan Has More Car Trouble

Our favorite train-wreck, Lindsay Lohan, is making headlines via an exotic car again—this time in an $80,000 Porsche Panamera. The celebrity rumor mill is spinning faster than the tires of a Bugatti because a man claims the actress clipped him in the knee with her Porsche while attempting to escape a paparazzi swarm in a Los Angeles club parking lot.

Lindsay Lohan in Porsche Panamera

The Panamera looks fabulous in black!

The Internet is riddled with versions of the same basic story–in which Lilo was in the parking lot debating on attending a friend’s party when she decided there were simply too many camera-wielding zombies around. When she opted to depart, she was forced to make a clumsy multi-point U-turn with a mass of people surrounding her vehicle, thus touching a man’s knee with her car.

Lindsay Lohan in Porsche Panamera

I wonder which obstacle is more irritating to Lohan–non-stop celebrity stalkers or litigation-thirsty opportunity seekers?

Reports say that the man, a manager of a nearby Hookah Lounge, initially had zero complaints and left the scene…only to lawyer-up later. The incident was not reported to police, and if the litigation rumors are true, it will be curious to see what the man claims his uninjured knee is worth!

Lohan Tweeted that the claims are “A complete lie, false and absurd”, stating that she was undertaking community service on the day in question. That covers the day, but not the night in question, sweets! It is understandable how the actress would want to squash rumors of her at a nightclub.

Lindsay Lohan in Porsche Panamera

Too funny!

Luckily, the Panamera was untouched. Don’t miss our fleet of Porsche rentals and other hot cars on your way out!

 Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan


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