The Little Bar That Could: Bella Rose – South Beach, Miami Florida

Bella Rose continues to draw in big names. Saturday nights have become just as big as Bella’s Black Sunday soiree. This past weekend’s Saturday Bella Donna Party attracted designer and celebutante Richie Rich, “PR King” Paul Wilmot, famed fashion photographer Pablo Alfaro and NYC ‘It Boy" turned Miami restaurateur Fabian Basabe. Plus, season 5 Top Chef competitor and Miami local Jeff McInnis. Jeff posed for a picture with us, while Basabe talked up his restaurant Da Vittorio, in Coral Gables. Bella Donna is on the up and up thanks in part to DJ Troy Kurtz. Kurtz is an unknown who is fueling Saturday nights, by day he is a student at the University of Miami. Kurtz has big talent and is going to explode on the Miami DJ-ing scene, mark our words. Props to Keith Paciello (younger brother of Chris Paciello) and Alfred Spellman (co-producer of Cocaine Cowboys) for bringing in the young talent.