Long Island Now Home to Largest Rolls Royce Showroom!

Rolls Royce has recently rolled-out its largest U.S. showroom–located on Long Island! The expansive 9,200 square-foot showroom boasts a café, a beautiful outdoor terrace and meeting spaces to close some high-dollar deals!

Rolls Royce dealership in Long Island

This is where Rolls Royce fans can wheel-and-deal

Rolls Royce is certainly enjoying a good year, as this marks the second U.S. showroom opening this year, bringing the total number of showrooms to 33. Now that the rich have resumed spending following a brief period where it was viewed as tacky, luxury car sales are regaining momentum.

Most luxury vehicles range from $225,000 to $500,000. Make that $1 million and up for cars like the Bugatti Veyron
Long Island seems to be a strategic spot to attract New York’s wealthy Rolls lovers. We may soon see photos of the Real Housewives, Snookie, the Kardashians and other reality tv mistakes scoping out the mammoth inventory of this sleek luxury showroom! Not that anyone wants to see that…ever.

Rolls Royce Showroom in Long Island

Yes, please

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Rolls Royce Showroom in Long Island

Will the Long Island dealership be a success?

Rolls Royce Showroom in Long Island

Rolls Royce showroom floor

Rolls Royce Showroom in Long Island

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