Lotus Confirms Smart Car Set for 2013 Production

Lotus City Car

Call it a smartcar, a minicar, but Lotus calls it a ‘City Car’.  In exciting luxury hybrid news, Lexus has announced that it will unleash the anticipated Lotus City Car in October of 2013, previously revealed in concept form at the Paris Motor Show this year. 

Lotus City Car Luxury Hybrid

Lotus Luxury Hybrid Car

The mini luxury machine is based on the concept car ‘Proton EMAS’, the name a stellar nod to design groups Proton and Italdesign Giugiaro.  While the name is a little uhm…out there… for my tastes, the Proton EMAS made its debut at the illustrious 2010 Geneva Motor Show as a hybrid vehicle.  So let’s get down to specs for the Lotus City Car.


The Proton EMAS is juiced by a Lotus Range Extender engine featuring a 1.2 –liter 3-cylinder single cam, and the Lotus City Car inherits these specifications.  It can run 60km in electric-only mode, and 500km with the aid of petrol.  Surprisingly, the Lotus City Car has four seats…but with its under-sized shell, I would enjoy watching 4 people emerge from it, I think it would be similar to a clown car.

Clown Car

This luxury hybrid boasts a sportier design than the Proton EMAS, and may even feature three available models:  A sports version, Euro and Asian versions.  This is definitely something worth looking forward to!

Lotus Hybrid Car


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