Louis Vuitton Does Office Equipment

Louis Vuitton has taken to the business of technology and office equipment, for the luxury minded and rich. Not only does the luxury goods company upped its image with a fully functional website and cyber shopping, but now Vuitton is working to make your technology and work space fashionably acceptable. Going beyond LV designed messenger bags and calendar covers, now you can get your own Louis Vuitton USB key in LV accessories department or online.  The USB come with a key ring so you can attach the storage device to your bag like a Louis Vuitton bag charm. The USB is Louis Vuitton engraved and is designed after Vuitton’s iconic Damier Graphite line. The LV USB costs $450 and can only hold 4GB of storage, but therein lies the fault of fashion.

If you’re all good with USBs then look to another latest offering, the Louis Vuitton Computer Sleeve. The signature monogram canvas computer cover has a protective foam layer and microfiber lining. Plus, each has a “Louis Vuitton Inventeur” logo inside. The sleeves feature classic LV brass hardware and double zip enclosures for your laptop. Made to be carried under your arm, the glorified computer cases come in both 13 and 15-inch sizes. The cost, probably more then your actual laptop but we wouldn’t expect anything less from Louis Vuitton. What’s next LV?