Luxury Buzz: Sexy Plans for the New Mercedes-Benz CLK Leaked

New Mercedes-Benz CLK DrawingCould it be?  Is Mercedes adding a new wolf to its CLK wolf pack?  (Shameless reference to the movie “The Hangover”) The exotic auto rumor-mill is churning up talk of a new version of the C-Series Mercedes coupe, one that is quite shapely and sexy!  Of course, this has always been an attractive four-seater coupe option from the luxury company, but this makeover is smokin’ hot, if the talk is true.

So after lusting after concept photos found online, like an auto porn store, we have decided that competitors should be quivering in their rims-and they had better be very expensive rims.  Word is this sexy new version of the Mercedes CLK is set for a March 2011 debut, so that certainly does not give competitors like BMW much time to respond.

In the past, Mercedes has marketed the CLK as a less expensive sibling to the SL coupe, a two-seater.  When you think of a luxury coupe, after all, you envision a two-seater.  The final design is still being developed, but the leaked sketches are definitely drool-worthy and we hope they stay on track. 

It is important for luxury brands to create a model now and then with a new look and feel, because they can become a bit redundant.  While we understand the concept of not fixing what is not broken, like the classic Ferrari and Lamborghini shapes, there is always a need to appeal to other markets and be fresh. 
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