McLaren Launches Luxury Car Customization Program

McLaren is launching a luxury car customization program, announced at this year’s Pebble Beach show. The McLaren Exclusive initiative will be similar to Ferrari’s customization program, called ‘Tailor Made’. The programs are opening doors for clients to completely customize their supercars down to every detail. This option does not come cheap, however, as customizations can easily tack on an additional $50,000 and more to the MSRP!

Luxury car customization programThe first project, pictured above, is a volcano orange MP4-12C. The crisp red and white colors scream speed and racing

The first project in the initiative, the orange MP4-12C, features a few aerodynamic tweaks and looks amazing, but it is the second car in the lineup that demands attention. Dubbed “Project 8”, the 2nd custom McLaren creation is a medley of the MP4-12C and the older F1 style cars.

orange MP4-12C

The loud volcano orange has attracted the gearhead minions!

Luxury car customization program

You are looking at around $270,000 of auto gloriousness that has enraptured even Jay Leno

Paul Mackenzie, head of the new McLaren Special Operations division, stated: “For nearly twenty years we have been closely managing relationships with owners of the McLaren F1, and understanding their needs is a great foundation on which to launch a service that will now include MP4-12C customers.”

McLaren luxury car customization program

The cockpits of these bespoke cars are all racing. The bold red and white theme continues inside, drenching the interior with a special vibe.

McLaren luxury car customization program

What lurks under the hood is just as important as the exterior that draws the initial attention.

McLaren luxury car customization program

If you could customize a McLaren, what would you do? Share below!

McLaren luxury car customization program

It will certainly be exhilarating to see what the brand churns up with these gear changes! Don’t miss our unbelievably affordable exotic car rentals on your way out!


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