A Luxury Car for Your Wrist: The Bovet Pininfarina Cambiano Watch

Bovet Watch

Even if you are not exactly a jewelry or wristwatch connoisseur, chances are you know the Pininfarina name.  Pininfarina has a rich history of collaborating with luxury car brands including Ferrari, creating some of the most decadent designs in existence.  The good news is that they are just as talented in the luxury watch department, keeping time with the best.


Ferrari Watch

Case in point, the Bovet Pininfarina Cambiano watch.  While this timepiece has nothing to do with Ferrari, it will snag its fair share of envious glances.  It is no Ferrari rental Miami, but would look great paired with one! 

Bovet Pininfarina Watch

The Bovet Pininfarina Cambiano watch boasts a clean, sophisticated and traditional look.  The intricate details attract the eye, and lend a unique appeal to the watch.   The case is 45mm wide and made of steel.  You can wrap your wrist in luxury for the bargain price of $20,000, which I understand is a steal for the Bovet brand.  How does this watch measure up to other luxury brands like Ferrari?  Comment below.

Ferrari Watch

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