Luxury Hotels: Gansevoort vs. Shoreclub South Beach

Shoreclub South BeachSouth Beach is famed for its excess, lifestyle and its luxury hotels.  Today we will explore and compare the luxurious Gansevoort South Beach with the (equally?) exotic Shoreclub South Beach. 

Both luxury South Beach hotels are oceanfront.  Both are considered upscale, decadent and indulgent.  You can enjoy a delicious upscale culinary adventure at both.  The differences will lie in the types of cuisine, the vibe of the bar areas, the spa, amenities and of course, the accommodations.  So let’s compare.

The Shoreclub offers:

•    Rooms & suites
•    Sprawling penthouse
•    Beach house
•    BungalowsNobu Sushi South Beach Shoreclub
•    Spa
•    Nobu sushi restaurant
•    Ago restaurant
•    SkyBar, Rum Bar, and Redroom

•    Fitness center
•    Outdoor reflecting pool

•    Concierge and 24-hour room service

Nobu is renowned for its sushi, and it helps to secure Shoreclub’s spot among the elite hotels of South Beach.  The constant stream of celebrity clientele also speaks volumes for the 5-star hotel.  Not a sushi fan? There is also a branch of L.A. and Robert DeNiro’s pricey pasta-dubbed “Ago”.

The bold theme at Shoreclub is a Marrakech-meets-Miami blend that runs throughout the luxe hotel.  Once you enter the Shoreclub, you have entered another world, completely separate from the busy streets of South Beach.
80% of the rooms at Shoreclub boast an ocean view, and of course are loaded with modern amenities and personality.  The types of accommodations are listed in the bullet list above, and the concierge service is outstanding.  Let’s see how the Gansevoort measures up.

The Gansevoort offers:Gansevoort Suite South Beach

•    “Plunge” Rooftop Bar & Lounge
•    Philippe Restaurant

•    STK steakhouse
•    Louis nightclub
•    Café Bustelo coffee lounge
•    Pool plaza
•    A shark tank
•    David Barton Gym & Spa
•    24-hour room service
•    Rooms & suites
Gansevoort South Beach
•    Residences

Gansevoort is one of New York’s hippest hotels, and its South Beach location is naturally the same.  Scene-obsessed jet setters and celebs frequent this beautiful 5-star hotel.  It is a good thing the Gansevoort is large enough to accommodate the traffic, with 334 rooms.

The upscale restaurants are by Philippe Chow.  There is a 26,000 square foot rooftop area with a 110-ft elevated pool, Plunge Bar and Lounge with expansive views of the Ocean, bay and downtown.  Speaking of views, there is an awesome shark tank with 27 types of sharks and fish in the lobby.

The main level boasts a 40,000 square-foot semicircular Oceanfront pool plaza with an infinity-edge pool and classy cabanas.  Hues of magenta and hot pink against yellow arouse your senses, popping out against charcoal gray suede walls featuring photos of 40s pinup girls.  The Gansevoort South Beach is definitely trendy; one could venture to say it is actually a “trendsetter”.

No matter what type of luxury hotel you are searching for, you can certainly find the one that is right for you.  So which is better, the Shoreclub or the Gansevoort?  You be the judge!  Leave your comments and reviews below.  For more information, see our blog on the Top 10 Most Fabulous Hotels in South Beach

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