The Luxury Lifestyle Continues to Thrive

The past two years has seen a revival of the luxury market, once seemingly on hold. The economic downturn has not necessarily affected the wealthy, yet they did alter spending habits for a few months to avoid appearing boastful. Lately, however, the luxury lifestyle is back, shameless and cutting edge!

Global sales of luxury goods hit an amazing $254 billion in 2011, and it seems Chinese women buy luxury cars the fastest, shelling out cash for Maserati’s and other top-of-the-line automobiles.

China luxury car market

The China luxury car market is fueled by females, too

New luxury car models are emerging, including ultra-expensive limited-edition units, and they are being bought up faster than a round of shots when Lindsay Lohan walks into a nightclub. So what has generated the new attitude toward high-end spending? Developing markets like China are creating a colossal need for luxury products, vehicles and brands. Companies like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Louis Vuitton and more are stepping in to ensure their slice of the money pie, of course!

Luxury Market recovery

Ferrari is enjoying the effects of a healthier luxury market

The global industry is in a state of timid resurgence, and according to Credit Suisse’s Second Annual Global Wealth Report, there has been a global wealth increase of 14% from January 2010 to June 2011 ($203 trillion up to $231 trillion). Let us hope this is a positive sign of things to come!

Luxury handbags

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