Luxury List: $1.2 Million Dollar Cigarette, Boat That Is!

In the nautical world, the ‘cigarette’ boat is the go-fast choice, offered in an endless variety of brands and specs.  In fact, even the big players in exotic and luxury car brands have entered the speedboat arena, including Mercedes-Benz, with their $1.2 million dollar SLS AMG cigarette boat!  So now you have to choose between an awesome speedboat rental Miami and a luxury car rental Miami?  Think fast!

So what makes a Mercedes-Benz cigarette boat worth more than the average variety?  Specifications include an 8-cylinder twin-turbocharged, quad-cam Mercury Racing engine with 4-valves kicking out 1,350 horsepower.  This is Mercury Racing’s latest engine, and runs on 92-Octane fuel.  This is one serious luxury racing boat!  For those who love the brand but prefer dry land, a Mercedes-Benz rental Miami style may be more your speed!

SLS AMG Mercedes Cigarette Boat

The dimensions of the SLS AMG cigarette boat are:

•    Length-45’7”
•    Height-6’6”
•    Beam-8’
•    Freeboard-45’
•    Static draft-48’
•    Fuel capacity-304 gallons

The 46’ Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG cigarette boat boasts a cruising speed of 110 miles per hour, and a top speed of around 135 miles per hour, so for the bargain price of $1.2 million, you can effectively fly on the water.  The unique shape of these speedboats earned them the nickname ‘Cigarette boats’, as they are long and thin much like a cigarette.

This cigarette shape allows the boats to reach extremely high speeds, thanks to the long narrow platform and a hull designed for racing.  Initially the cigarette boat was called a “Rum-runner”, as it was often used during the Prohibition to transport rum from larger vessels.  It earned the name “Cigarette” boat when it was used to smuggle cigarettes between the United States and Canada following the Prohibition, a nickname that stuck.

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