Luxury List: The London Best Shotgun $400,000

For those of you who are savvy in the world of shotguns and firearms, you already know that some of the best guns, according to some, are actually called “Best Gun”, as in “London Best”, a piece that costs more than a freakin Ferrari! 

In fact, you may be able to purchase two Ferraris, Lamborghinis or other supercars in the typical $200,000 range for just one of these luxury collector guns.  So what makes a “London Best” so special?

London Best Shotguns in Luxury Case

It is a double-barreled shotgun created as if it were a piece of art, with careful precision.   Shotgun aficionados can spot a London Best in a crowd, much like women can spot a Coach bag or anything by Luis Vuitton.  A best gun is made of the highest quality and finish and is top-grade by a top manufacturer.  The quality is outstanding, and mirrors the same idea as opting for an Aston Martin rental over a standard car rental, you know you are getting something special.

A London Best gun is made by premier gun makers of London, such as Boss & Co., Holland & Holland or J. Purdey & Sons.  So just how sought after are these luxury guns?

Back in 2008, Christie’s held their ‘Exceptional and Fine Sporting Guns and Rifles’ sale in London, and the highlight of the event was a pair of luxury shotguns by J. Purdey & Sons, each one gold-inlaid 12-bore.  The pieces were inspired by the Royal Armories in the Tower of London and crafted by gunsmith Ken Hunt.  They are presented in an exquisite oak and leather case, and valued at around $320,000 to $400,000, which makes them possibly the most expensive firearms in the world.  I still say it is cheaper to ride shotgun in a Ferrari, or flat-out purchase one!

Note that not all best guns hail from London, you can get an outstanding ‘round action’ double barrel from David McKay in Scotland, and famous names like Westley Richards and William Powell in Birmingham.  It is all about the name, as it is synonymous with the quality of the gun.  So if you wish to flex your guns with the big boys, you need a quality piece.

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