Luxury List: The World’s First $51,000 Diamond Manicure

Cherish Angula and her team has taken the phrase “Diamonds are a girls best friend” to an entirely new level, offering up what may be the world’s first $51,000 diamond-encrusted manicure.  Named the “Ice Manicure”, this exclusive and expensive luxury treatment adorns the fingertips with 10 carats.

I can’t help but point out that for that price, you could indulge in something a bit more exhilarating…like approximately 12-24 exotic car rentals Miami style, experiencing the latest from the top luxury brands.  Or you could just glue some diamonds to your nails and attempt to blind onlookers with them…that could be fun, too.

Ice Diamond Manicure $51,000

The only photo I found so far of the $51,000 manicure.  Does it impress you?  Comment below!

The Ice Manicure is exclusive, as I mentioned above, only available following an initial consultation with Cherish and her people.  Who is this Cherish kidding?  I can’t imagine her turning away a client willing and dumb enough to hand her $51,000 for a manicure.

There is even a follow-up service for the prestigious Ice Manicure that includes the removal of the diamonds and a jewelry service.  According to Cherish,

“Owning a nail art bar in London, I’ve always had a keen interest in creativity and expression. The Iced Manicure encapsulates the ultimate luxury treatment for women. It oozes absolute fabulousness with no frills, just diamonds! It’s a statement, an expression of individuality, personality and love for the finest things the world can offer.”

Well, it certainly is luxurious, and I would be interested in learning just how many women have treated themselves to an Iced Manicure!

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