Luxury Rental Cars Fit Perfectly For Winter

Luxury Rental Cars Perfect For Winter

It is now official Chicago; the first day of winter has arrived via the calendar.  Most of us would probably agree winter has been in full swing for the last month here in the windy (cold, snowy) city.  Just because the weather has changed does not mean that the luxury car rental business is over with however.  Imagine Lifestyles Chicago branch might not recommend our Chicago Porsche 911 Convertible rental for January, but we do have an extensive collection of Chicago luxury SUV rental and sedans perfect for Chicago winter days.

Chicago Winter

Set aside your aspirations to drive the Ferrari or Lamborghini for a few more months and experience one of our luxury SUV’s for your next special occasion.  Whether you are taking the lucky lady out for drinks or taking a ski trip up to Galena, Imagine Lifestyles has the perfect luxury rental car for any occasion.  For the ski trip, our Chicago Cadillac Escalade ESV rental would provide all the storage space needed for all your equipment while still traveling in style and comfort.  For the next special night on the town, perhaps our Porsche Cayenne S luxury SUV rental would be more appropriate.  Whatever the occasion, whatever the season Imagine Lifestyles Chicago is here to provide you with all of your exotic and luxury travel needs.

Escalade in Snow

Whoever said you couldn’t have fun in Chicago during the winter must have been doing something wrong.  This city never sleeps regardless of the weather and neither should you.  Contact Imagine Lifestyles today to arrange the next unforgettable weekend in Chicago. 


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