Luxury Rental Item of the Week: The Cessna Citation Jet CJ1

This week Imagine Lifestyles is highlighting our Cessna Citation CJ1, a private jet charter falling into the lightweight jet category.  This is an ideal private aircraft charter for smaller groups, going shorter distances.

Labeled as the “aircraft of choice” for short-range business and corporate jet charters, the CJ1 Citation charter delivers the ultimate in luxury while simultaneously providing seamless and stress-free trips.

This private luxury air charter is ideal for short business trips, small family vacations and a variety of other needs.  This luxury jet seats five to seven passengers comfortably, and was designed and engineered with the passenger in mind, to deliver and exceed expectations.

For example, if you want to treat your family or smaller group of friends to a vacation within 1200 miles, the Cessna CJ1 can transport your group at around 437 miles per hour; in exquisite comfort with none of the hassles you would endure flying commercial airlines.  If you are concerned with the price tag, you may be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it truly is when you choose to fly private.

While there may or may not be a price increase, depending on the size of the group and the destination, imagine the freedom and relaxation provided by a private jet charter that you simply cannot get with a commercial airline.  Flying commercial has become increasingly expensive and troublesome, while flying private enables you to bypass security checkpoints, long lines and cramped spaces.

By choosing the CJ1 private jet charter, you can go up to 1200 miles between fuel stops, all while kicking back your legs and watching television, listening to your favorite music, working, or spending quality and comfortable time with your family and friends.  The specialized soundproofing makes for a truly peaceful and posh flight.

If you feel that a private aircraft charter may be just the escape you have been searching for, call 1-866-436-3514 to connect with us at Imagine Lifestyles.  As the trusted source of luxury rentals in Miami, South Beach, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, we aim to raise your expectations in luxury rentals and travel.

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