Luxury Rental Item of the Week: Private Jet Charter Learjet 60

Developed from the successful Learjet 55 model, the Learjet 60 luxury aircraft features a longer fuselage, creating more cabin space and wider travel range.  The Learjet 60 falls into the mid-size private jet category, which provides a bit more range and performance than lighter jets.  This is a luxury jet charter that offers its elite clients a fast climb, long range, and impressive cruising speed of around 440 knots.  This speed of this jet feels much like when you push our Lamborghini rental car to the max.  With a range of around 2,500 miles, the 60 is perfect for domestic business and pleasure trips.  WPrivate Aircraft Charterhen you want to get to your destination in style and with haste this is definitely the way to do it.  Sit back in the soft leather seats and soak in the views, nearly every seat on the Learjet 60 is a window seat.  Imagine the ability to stretch your legs, move about the cabin, and actually enjoy your flight. This is what makes most clients want to charter a Learjet 60.

This Learjet model is among the most popular worldwide in the mid-size luxury jet category due to its exceptional style and performance.  When you charter a Learjet, you know you are getting the best in a high-end private aircraft. 
 Amenities include a large cabin space, luxurious interior, TV/DVD, in-flight phone service, enclosed lavatory, and your personal flight crew who won’t charge you a penny for anything.  The plush leather seats will envelop up to 8 passengers as you scale the sky in style. 

When you are ready for your next private air charter, ask us about our collection of Learjets, a name you can trust in luxury air charters.


Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals