Luxury Rental of the Week: Sunseeker Predator 108’ Luxury Sport Yacht Charter Miami

Sunseeker Predator Yacht Charter Miami

I have a special for those coping with severe winter weather this year:  the Sunseeker Predator 108’ luxury yacht charter Miami from Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals!  It is a long way until spring, and you deserve a tropical escape to sea onboard a private yacht charter Miami for you and your crew.


Sunseeker Yacht Charter Miami

The Sunseeker 108’ yacht charter Miami is among our most luxurious sport yacht charter options, boasting fittings typically reserved for larger yachts.  Can you picture your family and friends enjoying the lavish accommodations at sea, with entertainment options above and below deck fit for everyone?

Private Yacht Charter Miami

Your private chef will ensure that everyone has the energy for all of the activity options, including jet skiing, kayaking, sunbathing, snorkeling, and more.  With so many leisure and watersport options, a private yacht charter Miami is guaranteed to please everyone onboard.

Sunseeker 108' Yacht Charter Miami

Sunseeker produces high-performance luxury yachts, and the 108’ Predator is not only spacious, but packs serious power with top speeds of 43 knots.  Sunseeker yachts have been unleashing some of the world’s best motor yachts for over 40 years from Poole, England.  With an extensive line of accolades and an exciting future, a Sunseeker private yacht experience Miami is always just what you needed!
Miami Private Yacht Charter

Contact Imagine Lifestyles prior to March 5th to receive $200 off of your Sunseeker 108’ Predator yacht charter Miami!  A luxury yacht charter Miami makes a great gift idea!  For the landlubbers, check out our fleet of exotic rental cars Miami and more.

 Luxury Yacht Charter Miami

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