Luxury Travel Tips: The Clearly Awesome Transparent Canoe Kayak

Transparent Kayak Canoe

This is a type of awesomeness that I have not previously seen before, and as a Miami resident, feel that I must acquire one, stat.  It is a transparent canoe kayak…and it is amazing.  Regular kayaking in the intercoastal and Atlantic is great, but this would allow me to see all of the creatures beneath me with an unobstructed view…it is a luxury canak!  Imagine if our exotic rental cars Miami were transparent through the bottom!

I often kayak in various South Florida locations, and am always curious about what may or may not be lurking beneath me, this kayak canoe is clearly the solution!  It boasts a transparent polymer hull and the same durable materials found in the cockpit canopies of supersonic fighter jets.  The only thing that could make this yak cooler is if you launched it from a luxury yacht charter on a stunning remote island in crystal clear caribbean waters.

Transparent Watercraft

This transparent watercraft provides views unavailable with traditional kayaks.  Feel like diving in out in the deep, but feeling that familiar twinge of fear about diving in right next to a shark?  Go ahead, take a peek.  I have a healthy fear of sharks, but try not to let it impede on too much fun…but I will be honest and admit that the promise of durable material is no comfort when a sizeable fish could simply tip you…it would be like unwrapping a chocolate. 

Shark Chases Kayak

*Uncertain if this is a real photo, but it is a favorite

White Shark

*Hey there…lil buddy…


This reminds me of a diminutive version of the glass-bottom boat reef tour on Key Largo, but in an easier to maneuver form.  It is called a ‘canoe kayak’ because it is wider like a canoe to displace more water for greater surface stability, and the paddler sits lower to the deck for improved balance.  After accidentally swimming with an 8-foot shark on a snorkel trip in Key Largo once, I opted for the glass-bottom boat tour for the next keys camping trip.  Overall, this clear watercraft is not only an amazing way to experience the water, but also a cool and sporty gift idea, at just $1,600. 

Transparent Kayak

Miami Watersports Clear Kayak Canoe

Prefer to stay on land?  No worries, there are plenty of options in South Florida, why not slip behind the wheel of an exotic rental car Miami for your next visit? 





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