Video: Maserati Owner in China Destroys Car in Protest!

A disgruntled Maserati owner in China took his customer service frustrations out on his own supercar! Mr. Wang was clearly displeased with the quality of customer service at his dealership, so he hired four men to smash the car with sledgehammers in order to make a bold statement. This is not the first time a supercar has been destroyed in China to protest consumer rights. Watch the pain unfold in the video below!

Poor customer service is not exactly tolerated in China. This man hired help to publicly smash the Maserati during a crowded auto show to affectively communicate his opinion of the customer service he had received.

The four men took hammers to the $420,000 Maserati in a parking lot brimming with spectators. Inside, there was an auto show taking place at the Qingdao International Convention Center. It was certainly not the type of publicity the Maserati dealership had anticipated for the upscale event, and Mr. Wang without a doubt stole the show.


$420,000 Maserati hammers up customer service publicity. It is certainly one way to bash customer service…

It can be quite frustrating to spend top-dollar on a luxury car and not receive the expected level of customer service that should accompany it. The exact details of why Mr. Wang was aggrieved to the point of such drastic action are unclear, though we would love to hear that story!  For the headlines it has been left at a customer service issue.


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