Maserati Preparing for Baby Quattroporte?

Rumors have been gaining momentum about Maserati making a baby…Quattroporte! The luxury carmaker recently trademarked the name ‘Levante’, presumably for the latest addition, which means ‘East’ in Italian. Do not worry–it will not be as leetle as the baby Aston Martin!

Maserati levante
It is supposed to be a downscaled version, but still a luxury coupe at heart.

Judging by renderings, Levante is expected to have all 4 doors and wheels. Details are extremely limited, but it may offer customers the option to choose between a V6 or a V8 engine, both mated to an 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox. For all the manual transmission fans out there, sorry—the option seems to be slowly disappearing! Think Lamborghini kills manual transmissions.

Smart car
With all the pressure to reduce fuel consumption, nearly all leading carmakers are introducing their versions of greener luxury cars and hybrid cars…some simply went too far.

The new baby Quattroporte could join the ranks of other elite and undersized super sports cars as early as 2014—we will certainly keep you posted! In the mean time, rent a Maserati from your friends at Imagine Lifestyles to get a feel for the latest from the marquee. We offer convenient hourly, daily and weekly rentals!

Maserati Kubang

Reviews have been mixed for Maserati’s Kubang. The brand has been busy covering all bases!



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